Presenting Yatin Kaushal!

Pic of Yatin Kaushal

Yatin is a New York based Android developer focused on providing the best user experience at Yahoo Finance. He works with Verizon Media’s Accessibility team to collect feedback and aid them in guiding apps to become more accessible. A notable accomplishment was his work on the Songbird Audio charts, adding the ability to scrub the chart and hear tones mapped to the trend of the graph. His other interests include videography and visual effects. Yatin studied Computer Science at New York University.


Accessible charts using music and haptics

Finance charts quickly render hundreds of data points making it seamless to analyze a stock’s performance. Charts are great for people who can see well. Those who are visually impaired often use screen readers. For them, the readers announce the data points in a table format. Beyond a few data points, it becomes difficult for users to create a mental image of the chart’s trend. The audio charts project started with the goal of making Yahoo Finance charts accessible to users with visual impairment. With audio charts, data points are converted to tones with haptic feedback and are easily available through mobile devices where users can switch between tones and spoken feedback.

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