• Presenting Shilpi Kapoor!

    A serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and disability, Shilpi Kapoor is the founder of BarrierBreak & 247 Accessible Documents that focus on digital accessibility. With a team of 200+ accessibility experts and approx. 65% of them having a disability, she has grown this to scale. An accessibility evangelist, Shilpi is looking ways to…

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  • Presenting Todd Libby!

    Todd Libby, lives in South Portland, Maine, United States and is a 22 year veteran of web design and development as well as accessibility advocating. For 41 years, Todd has been programming since learning BASIC and Scheme at age 9. Todd loves the ocean, the mountains, and the outdoors, as well as food and his…

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  • Presenting Josua Muheim!

    I’m a senior full stack web developer. Since 2014, I worked for «Access for all» (http://access-for-all.ch/), Swiss Foundation for the use of technology for the disabled, where I was part of an inclusive team. I had the opportunity to hands-on learn everything related to accessibility, while we helped to audit and optimise hundreds of websites…

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  • Presenting Humberto Hernandez!

    Humberto Hernandez is a Colombo-American accessibility activist and Assistive Technology (AT) instructor who has worked for organizations in the private and public sector to break down barriers for individuals with all type of abilities. Humberto is a certified front-end web developer and a future Master in Leadership and Innovation. Humberto has dedicated a significant part…

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  • Presenting Apoorv Kulkarni!

    Apoorv has established and drives the Accessibility & Inclusion track at The Ola Mobility Institute (OMI). OMI is a policy research think tank operating at the intersection of mobility, innovation and public good. He champions the rights of Persons with Disability and is working towards making the urban mobility ecosystem Universally Accessible. Before OMI, he…

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  • Presenting Sukriti Chadha!

    Sukriti is a engineer turned product manager who focuses on accessibility and building great mobile experiences at Yahoo Finance. She believes that talent is universal, but access to opportunity is not, which is why she works on driving diversity at and outside work. Other interests include recreational aviation, yoga and mentoring women in tech. Sukriti…

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  • Presenting Yatin Kaushal!

    Yatin is a New York based Android developer focused on providing the best user experience at Yahoo Finance. He works with Verizon Media’s Accessibility team to collect feedback and aid them in guiding apps to become more accessible. A notable accomplishment was his work on the Songbird Audio charts, adding the ability to scrub the…

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