With web technologies moving at a fast pace and driving businesses toward greater heights, digital accessibility is the key to achieving success. However, realizing digital inclusion cannot be achieved by one person. It is the millions of people who drive technology and business, joining their hands that will result in the materialization of this goal. This include accessibility enthusiasts, evangelists, developers, designers, testers and policy makers.

Helloa11y is a community initiative founded in 2020 towards realizing digital accessibility. It aims to connect those million dots through learning and sharing, be it online or in the physical space. We aim to bridge the gap in accessibility via

  1. Empowering through knowledge sharing
  2. Empowering people with diverse abilities in active participation and engagement
  3. Bringing the right people to educate and enable the untapped power of digital inclusion.

Watch out this space for more a11y events, webinars, speaking engagements on digital accessibility!