Connecting People Through Accessibility

A community initiative founded in 2020 towards realizing digital accessibility and aims to connect those million dots through learning and sharing

1000+ and Growing Strong

Accessibility enthusiasts, evangelists, developers, testers, and policymakers joining hands together to enable the untapped power of digital inclusion.


Speakers from around the world (and growing)


Sessions with a reach of 2000+ people


Strong community discussing all things accessibility

See the World Differently: Videos Celebrating Global Accessibility

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Previous Speakers

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Joshua Muheim

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Ted Drake

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Prem Nawaz Khan

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Shanisha Collins

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Sukriti Chaddha

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Yatin Kaushal

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Todd Libby

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Apoorv Kulkarni

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Humberto Hernandez

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Amy Carney

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Dennis Lembree

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Thomas Logan

Be a Voice to Advocate Inclusion

Be a part of the community events by speaking on the topic that resonates with you in and around accessibility.