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SpeakerTopicDate (DD-MM-YY)Scheduled Time in IST (P.M)
Shanisha CollinsEntrepreneurship and Accessibility27-08-207:30 – 8:30
Irfan AliAccessibility: WCAG, Usability, and Design26-11-207:30 – 8:30
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Entrepreneurship and Accessibility

By Shanisha Collins (August Meet 2020)

I’d like to discuss how might we encourage entrepreneurs to implement accessibility best practices for their websites and digital products. As it stands, entrepreneurs, specifically the ones who have built their businesses via social media, are not considering implementing A11y into their products and services because they feel as though they are not required to do so by law. These businesses are growing at an alarming rate and along with them are websites. In my talk, I’d like discuss ways those in the A11y industry can assist these entrepreneurs so that we can help them understand the importance of A11y.

Accessibility: WCAG, Usability, and Design

By Irfan Ali (November Meet 2020)

One challenge can be timing of accessibility testing. When accessibility testing is introduced late in the development process, well after major architectural and development approaches are decided, discovery of accessibility or usability issues can be more difficult to resolve, especially if significant software changes are required. At this point, there may be no magic wand solution for making the content accessible. While WAI-ARIA is often seen as a way to make code accessible, applying it in complex interactions can be time consuming and potentially costly depending upon the structure of the underlying code, and it may fall short in addressing all identified obstacles. More difficult still is making changes to the overall interaction design or visual presentation, if accessibility testing reveals fundamental problems there. The time to think about accessibility is at the beginning of the process — at the design stage, and to evaluate accessibility throughout the software development lifecycle.