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Pic of Prem Nawaz Khan Maraikayar

Prem Nawaz Khan Maraikayar


Prem Nawaz Khan Maraikayar is an Accessibility Evangelist working for PayPal Inc. He helps them to achieve the goal of inclusivity by influencing and training designers, engineers and testers on building inclusive products. . He contributes to a couple of open source projects like automated accessibility tester, bootstrap plugin, skipto, etc which have wide acceptance.

He has participated in and made presentations on accessibility in front end conferences like Meta Refresh, Techshare and couple of summits in different tech companies. He also interacts with persons with disabilities and solves their web accessibility issues. In his free time, he works with NGOs in his neighborhood, working with children with Mental Retardation and Autism.

Pic of Thomas Logan

Thomas Logan [CPWA]


Thomas Logan has spent the past eighteen years assisting organizations to create technology solutions that work for people with disabilities. Over his career, Thomas has delivered projects for numerous federal, state and local government agencies as well as private sector organizations from startups to Fortune 500s.

He is the owner of Equal Entry, whose mission is: “contributing to a more accessible world.” He is also the organizer of Accessibility Virtual Reality and co-organizer of Accessibility New York monthly Meetups for people interested in topics related to accessibility and people with disabilities. Thomas lives in Tokyo, Japan. Thomas is also certified by IAAP as CPWA.

Pic of Dennis Lembree

Dennis Lembree


Dennis Lembree is a Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems. He previously worked on the accessibility teams at eBay and PayPal. His 20+ years of experience includes web development, inclusive design, technical writing, and program management. Dennis has published numerous articles, presented at various conferences, and led many webinars about digital accessibility. As personal projects, Dennis runs a popular blog on web accessibility, Web Axe, and maintains his award-winning web-accessible Twitter app, Easy Chirp.

Pic of Tanisha Sabherwal

Tanisha Sabherwal


A Front-end Developer who enjoys designing, development and accessibility with everything at its intersection. Going strong on community engagements and public speaking. Other than that, I love drawing crazy things on Codepen.

Pic of Ted Drake

Ted Drake


Ted Drake is the Global Accessibility Leader for Intuit, a financial software company. He works with Intuit’s product and management teams to drive inclusive product development. Ted has been an active participant in Bangalore’s accessibility community with Intuit’s annual Accessibility Summits. Prior to Intuit, Ted was a co-founder of Yahoo’s Accessibility Lab.

Pic of Amy Carney

Amy Carney


Amy Carney, a recently Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA), has been the web designer for the Alaska State Libraries, Archives, & Museums in Juneau, Alaska for 7 years. Through her daily front-end development work, she advocates for web and digital document accessibility. Her accessibility and certification learning journey, blogged as 100 Days of A11y<https://100daysofa11y.com/>, is freely available for others interested in learning accessibility for themselves or to be certified through IAAP. Currently, she participates as an invited expert in W3C’s CSS Accessibility Task Force, and chairs the State of Alaska’s Web Accessibility Working Group, of which she instigated 2 years ago.