Hello A11y!


A11y AKA accessibility is making products, documents, sites and the web in general inclusive and usable for all and by all.

So why helloA11Y?

As the proportion of people with disabilities and the dynamic user
experience of digital world are equal; it is the right time to start to talk
a11y everywhere. Now in India, accessibility is legal and the deadline also
is set, the need for us to talk and walk a11y is the only best thing for
businesses and society.

So, let’s get together; listen to talks, live presentations and discussions,
meet accessibility professionals and developers; share ideas and solutions
that benefit the entire community!

Event Schedule

SpeakerTopicDate (DD-MM-YY)Scheduled Time in IST (P.M)
Shanisha CollinsEntrepreneurship and Accessibility27-08-207:30 – 8:30
Irfan AliAccessibility: WCAG, Usability, and Design26-11-207:30 – 8:30
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